About FPT

What is A Frog Point?

The frog point is a divergence. It is the technical name for the point at which a train changes tracks. Therapy can be like a railroad’s frog point- a mechanism that helps you transition to a better path. As your therapist, I believe my role is to be a person you can rely on for support and guidance you as you work towards getting onto the path of happiness and living a full life.

A multidimensional approach to therapy

My approach to therapy combines a background in family systems with the psychodynamic practice. This means I try to understand how your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and life experiences impact your day-to-day behavior and how to adjust your perspective so that your psyche is more balanced.  Therapy can deepen your understanding of yourself, widen your perspective, and help you discover the bigger picture and how you fit into it.

About Dr. Barimany

My training started at the University of Delaware where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication in 2008. I graduated from Drexel University in 2010 with a Master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy, and in 2017, I finished a doctorate at The George Washington University in Counselor Education and Supervision. I have extensive experience working with couples and families on a variety of presenting issues. I also have experience working with individuals between the ages of 18-35 seeking help with phase-of-life transitions, career issues and interpersonal relationships.

My ongoing work in counselor education and clinical supervision at The George Washington University informs my “therapy with therapists” expertise.  I train and supervise students working on Master and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Mental Health, School and Rehabilitation counseling.

My research focuses on developing a more technical understanding of human personality. While personality is the lens through which our humanity expresses itself, I honor individuality. Each person’s unique characteristics are essential to the art of the practice.

Meet Dr. Barimany

“The map is not the territory.”
-Alfred Korzybski