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Our client is someone who is ready to “roll their sleeves up and get to work.” While therapy does not need to be more painful than necessary, much of the work we do entails stewarding people into spaces of their mind they have never been, are too afraid to venture into, or consciously and unconsciously avoid entering—often an uncomfortable experience.

Growing your mind up is hard. Change is hard. It is that first jump off the high dive that often feels the most terrifying. We specialize in coaching our clients through their next major upshift in development.

If you feel stuck like you know things are not working and do not know why, or you know what’s happening but do not know what to do differently, or you feel lost and want to see things clearly, you are our ideal client. Read about getting started.

Millennials and Generation Z

Never before seen levels of anxiety and depression are one hallmark of a generation that has had to adapt to rapid changes while the traditional structures that undergird normal life fall apart. An overabundance of choice; the pressure to “find your calling” and “change the world”; fear of missing out, crippling self-doubt, impossible portrayals of what life “should” look like in media, attitudes of disposable everything and transactional relationships have resulted in a perpetual state of paralysis and meandering through life that leaves so many chronically unhappy and lost. Attitudes that worked in older generations do not fit with the rapidly changing landscape of the global and national psyche. These are unprecedented times that call for specialized support. 

Millennials and Generation Z have the difficult task of growing out of old ways of being that have been inherited from previous generations. As they begin to open their eyes, they choose not to participate in those antiquated institutions and feel a sense of disorientation as almost all the categories from which people have historically derived a sense of identity quickly evaporate.

Emerging adults are searching for answers to new questions in old spaces and coming up short. Technology and social media have resulted in the atrophy of people’s ability to be present, to connect, and to establish meaningful relationships. Emerging adults are surrounded by people but feel lonelier than any ever, causing unprecedented levels of generation-wide mental health disorder. As the bones of life as we know it continue to be rattled, we need wise voices to coach us through this period of upheaval and help us transform—not obliterate—the cultural, social, and intrapsychic infrastructure we have.


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