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Founder & Clinical Director

Mina Barimany, Ph.D.

Mina Barimany is a psychotherapist and researcher from Washington, DC. Originally trained in family therapy, Dr. Barimany earned a doctorate from George Washington University in 2017 and joined Johns Hopkins University’s faculty in 2019. Her research focuses on developing an integrative theory that frames human development through the lens of epistemological diversity.

Dr. Barimany has cultivated a specialization in adult cognitive development. Human beings have fundamental needs for intra-personal and inter-personal happiness: the ability to perceive reality accurately, to know oneself, be in fulfilling relationships, and make healthy decisions. Dr. Barimany’s work focuses on helping individuals, couples, and mental health professionals develop parts of the mind that are ripe for growth to improve the quality of life, cultivate professional growth, and find intrinsic freedom and happiness.

Dr. Barimany’s approach combines mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and cutting-edge research on consciousness development to balance psychological dispositions and expand the capacity to apply novel approaches to recurring problems.

Dr. Barimany specializes in working with emerging adults, couples, and mental health professionals seeking their own therapy. She also runs the Junior Associate program at Frog Point Therapy, provides clinical supervision and professional mentoring.

Dr. Barimany can be contacted directly at: or 202-644-8889 ext. 1. 




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Junior Associate

Ayushi Bansal, M.Sc.


 Ayushi Bansal is a nationally certified and licensed graduate professional counselor. She earned her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the Johns Hopkins University. Ayushi views people as continuously evolving beings. She works from the belief that all people are inherently capable of growth and change.

She takes an expansive view of the developing self, viewing “wellness” as an ongoing journey toward resilience in working with experiences and wounds incurred early in life to surmounting challenges that present themselves in the present day.

Understanding the full story of someone’s life is a key component of Ayushi’s method and she strives to collaborate with clients in discovering behavioral patterns and identifying areas for growth. Ayushi practices third wave CBT approaches (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) as well as systemic approaches that are holistic and context-aware. Ayushi looks forward to working with a diverse clientele of emerging adults with a special interest in treating couples and families.

Humans are a rich tapestry of our experiences, interpersonal relationships, and intergenerational wisdom. Ayushi’s philosophies are constructed through her professional experiences in diverse clinical milieus as well as lived experiences in varied cultural settings. Being a woman of color herself, she is passionate about social advocacy and strives to conduct her practice through modern values of cultural sensitivity. These opportunities have equipped her with the curiosity and sensitivity to view human beings as complicated and nuanced individuals with many facets to explore and cultivate.

Ayushi can be reached at: or 202-664-8889 ext. 3

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Junior Associate

Krystin Harper, M.A.

Krystin is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor in Washington, D.C. She received her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the George Washington University and has a special interest in resiliency, anxiety, relationships, and the intersection of mental and physical health. Krystin often incorporates mindfulness into her work and believes that self-compassion provides the foundation for growth and lasting change. Together, with kindness and a bit of humor, Krystin will empower you to find inner resilience and the capacity to live a joyful and fulfilling life.

Krystin believes that all people go through periods of darkness in life, but it is often that journey that helps illuminate the gifts of adversity within.

Krystin’s work is rooted in a holistic, person-centered approach to healing. She will treat you with empathy, create a non-judgmental environment in which you feel safe and heard, and work to understand your lived experiences.

The process begins with exploring your own story – what brought you to this point, how you see yourself in the world, and the thought patterns that create your internal narrative.

Krystin can be contacted directly at or 202-644-8889 ext. 2. 

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Stacey Karpen Dohn, Ph.D.

 Stacey Karpen Dohn, PhD, LPC is a clinician, researcher and educator whose work is focused on themes related to cultural humility in both domestic and international settings with specialized knowledge in providing gender affirming care to transgender and non-binary children, adolescents, adults and their families. In addition to her work as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, Stacey is the Senior Manager of Behavioral Health at Whitman Walker Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center that specializes in serving the LGBTQ communities and people with HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC.

Stacey has co-led the development of Whitman Walker Health’s protocols for the provision of gender-affirming care to facilitate gender-affirming surgeries. In psychotherapy and in her research and writing, Stacey uses narrative to explore individual and collective experience. Her most recent work is titled, “Living in the Cracks of Apartheid: A Critical Narrative Analysis of Resilience, Hope, and Cultural Trauma in The Born Free Generation of South Africa.”

Stacey has been a featured and keynote speaker at the US Department of State, US Agency for International Development, Washington AIDS Partnership, the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, and The Human Rights Campaign, among others. Her expertise has been referenced in the New York Times, North Carolina Policy Watch, The Psychiatric Advisor, etc. In 2017 Stacey was honored to receive Capital Pride’s Engendered Spirit Award for her work serving transgender and non-binary communities.



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Director of Operations

Sussan Motlagh, MBA

 Sussan Motlagh brings decades of experience in business development and management as the Director of Operations at Frog Point Therapy. Originally from Tehran, Iran, Sussan immigrated to the United States in 1979 and completed a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. After living in Puerto Rico for 12 years, she returned to the Washington DC area and was the office manager for a private dental practice in Northern Virginia for four years.

At Frog Point Therapy, she is dedicated to facilitating the practical elements of being in treatment–scheduling, billing, and working with insurance companies, to name a few. She believes that high-quality mental health treatment should be available to everyone and is dedicated to helping clients bridge the gap between logistics and healthcare. 

Sussan can be contacted at

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Junior Associate

Hailey Sayegh, M.A., LGPC


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Hailey Sayegh is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor in Washington, D.C. She earned a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the George Washington University and has experience working in residential and partial-hospitalization levels of care treating anxiety and mood disorders. Hailey has worked with cognitive and dialectical behavior therapies which are therapeutic methods that focus on regulating emotions. Her expertise centers on understanding the mutual influence that thoughts, feelings, and behavior have on each other and on a client’s sense of well-being. She enjoys working with emerging adults and has special interests in attachment theory and relationships, self-esteem, and depression.

Central to Hailey’s approach is understanding how past experiences inform our present and how our sometimes maladaptive coping skills, thoughts, and feelings inform our perceptions and decision-making. If we desire change, we must first understand what stands in the way of development and why we are reluctant to release old, habituated ways of being.

Hailey is trained in the Rogerian person-centered approach. This involves assuming a posture of deep curiosity and respect for the intrinsic nature of each client. She works to understand your world and cultural background and will develop a therapeutic approach that sees you, hears you, and meets you where you are. Whether you are navigating a diagnosis, a life transition, or seeking to deepen your self-understanding and strengthen your relationships, Hailey will help guide you along your journey with warmth, acceptance, and just the right amount of forward lean.

Hailey can be contacted directly at: or 202-644-8889 ext. 4.