Mina Barimany, Ph.D.

Founder and Clinical Director

Mina Barimany is a psychotherapist and researcher from Washington, DC. Originally trained in family therapy, Dr. Barimany earned a doctorate from George Washington University in 2017 and joined Johns Hopkins University’s faculty in 2019. Her research focuses on developing an integrative theory that frames human development through the lens of epistemological diversity.

Dr. Barimany has cultivated a specialization in adult cognitive development. Human beings have fundamental needs for intra-personal and inter-personal happiness: the ability to perceive reality accurately, to know oneself, be in fulfilling relationships, and make healthy decisions. Dr. Barimany’s work focuses on helping individuals, couples, and mental health professionals develop parts of the mind that are ripe for growth to improve the quality of life, cultivate professional growth, and find intrinsic freedom and happiness.

Dr. Barimany’s approach combines mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and cutting-edge research on consciousness development to balance psychological dispositions and expand the capacity to apply novel approaches to recurring problems.

Dr. Barimany specializes in working with emerging adults, couples, and mental health professionals seeking their own therapy. She also runs the Junior Associate program at Frog Point Therapy, provides clinical supervision and professional mentoring.

Krystin Harper, MA

Junior Associate

Krystin is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor in Washington, D.C. She received her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the George Washington University and has a special interest in resiliency, anxiety, relationships, and the intersection of mental and physical health. Krystin often incorporates mindfulness into her work and believes that self-compassion provides the foundation for growth and lasting change. Together, with kindness and a bit of humor, Krystin will empower you to find inner resilience and the capacity to live a joyful and fulfilling life.

Krystin believes that all people go through periods of darkness in life, but it is often that journey that helps illuminate the gifts of adversity within.

Krystin’s work is rooted in a holistic, person-centered approach to healing. She will treat you with empathy, create a non-judgmental environment in which you feel safe and heard, and work to understand your lived experiences.

The process begins with exploring your own story – what brought you to this point, how you see yourself in the world, and the thought patterns that create your internal narrative.

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